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What Are the Processes for Tree Crown Reductions, Thinning & Lifting?

When it comes to different tree trimming and surgery services, it can be tricky for property owners to choose the correct technique for their application without being fully informed of what it entails. With the various terminology and services involved, it’s important to seek help from a professional who knows exactly how the work is carried out.  

This article will look into the crown reductions, thinning and lifting services so you know exactly what the processes are and you can learn more about how we carry out the work here at Artemis Tree Services.

The General Artemis Process

Our usual processes apply whereby one of our qualified arborists will travel directly to your property to assess the tree and provide a free quotation. They will take photographs and outline the amount which needs to be reduced; this is usually measured in metres. Before any work is carried out, we may have to apply for permission from the local council if a tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO); we can do this on behalf of our clients. Once the work is completed, the team on the day will get the client to sign off that they are happy with the work.


What is Tree Crown Reduction?

This process involves reducing the size of a tree’s overall canopy; this is achieved by shortening the branches evenly throughout the crown. During this process, dangerous deadwood and crossing branches are removed or pruned to minimise the possibility of pathogens and disease infecting the tree. This results in a balanced shape allowing the tree to re-grow from the established growth points which remain on the branches. This technique is used for many reasons, such as to reduce wind resistance and curtail root spread, or to control the size of a tree in a restricted environment.

What is Tree Crown Thinning?

Crown thinning involves the selective removal of inner branches evenly throughout a tree’s crown. This is an effective method of allowing light to travel through the crown and allows air to circulate more effectively throughout the canopy without altering the tree’s natural shape. As with crown reduction, all dangerous deadwood is removed during this operation.

What is Tree Crown Lifting?

As the name suggests, crown lifting is the removal of selected branches and limbs from the lower part of a tree’s crown, thus lifting the crown’s overall height. Depending on the location of the tree, this process is generally performed to ensure vehicles and people can pass safely to avoid the risk of accidents or injury. This process also assists in allowing more light to penetrate through the lower crown.

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Since we were first established 20 years ago, here at Artemis Tree Services we pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and excellent customer service, working hard to earn our position as one of the leading tree companies throughout the Rickmansworth, Watford and wider London areas. To find out more about our crown reductions, thinning and lifting services, or to book an appointment with our experienced arborists, simply get in touch with us today.


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