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A Family Tree of Key Terms

Trees play an integral role in the ecosystem, improving air quality and supporting wildlife. As such, having a good understanding and knowledge of tree works is imperative so they are properly cared for and to ensure their sustainability. There are many different categories of tree works and tree-related terms – featured below is a glossary of some of the main vocabulary used so you are familiar with the terminology and the services your tree may require.

Grow your vocabulary


This refers to the study and care of trees in a landscape.


This is a professional who specialises in the management of trees, predominantly in residential, public and commercial landscapes.

Artemis Tree Services pruning unwanted branches to complete tree maintenance


This is an artificial cable in a tree that provides additional support to weak branches.


This is a hole or cavity in a tree resulting from decay or damage.

Conservation Area

This is an area that has been secluded in order to protect and maintain its wildlife and vegetation. Any work in conservation areas has to be agreed with local authorities in advance.


The crown is the part of a tree that comprises the branches and foliage.

Crown Clean

This is the removal of dead and hazardous branches.

Team members carrying recently pruned branches

Crown Lift

This involves the removal of the lowest branches on a tree to raise the height of the lower canopy. It helps provide sunshine to the lower vegetation.

Crown Reduction

This process involves reducing the size of a tree’s canopy by shortening the branches evenly throughout the crown to give a balanced overall shape thereby allowing the tree to re-grow from the established growth points remaining on the branches.

Crown Thin

The removal of selected branches from a crown to reduce its density and allow more light to penetrate through. An even density of foliage is retained throughout a well-spaced and balanced branch structure.


This is a technique used to eliminate a tree by cutting at the base and aiming the tree to fall in a particular area.

Two Artemis Tree Services surgeons tree felling from a distance

Formative pruning

Most suitable for young trees, this type of minor pruning shapes a tree in its early years to encourage strong branches and lower the risk of structural defects in later life.


A specialist pruning method which involves the careful removal of the top of a young tree to promote multi-stem branching. Pollarding on an annual basis will limit plant growth to a recommended height or ‘pollard point’ as it is also known.

Root pruning

As with branch pruning, this process is aimed to help plants grow. It’s imperative to seek expert advice prior to root pruning as it can affect the stability of the tree.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

TPOs are initiated by local authorities to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodland areas from felling and vandalism, especially those which bring significant amenity to the local area.  If a tree is protected under a TPO, it is a criminal offence to fell, lop, uproot, or damage that particular tree.

Tree Services Offered By Artemis

Crown Reductions, Thinning & Lifting

We offer professional crown reductions, thinning and lifting. This helps to keep trees in their natural shape and restricts its size to the specific environment. 

Stump Removal and Grinding

Whether you are looking to erect a building structure or replant, safe, thorough stump removal and grinding will ensure the ground is left free from unwanted stumps and associated debris.

Tree Felling

If your tree is considered unsafe or diseased, our skilled arborists will dismantle the tree in the safest way possible and will ensure any debris is cleared away following the felling process. Not only that, in these climate-conscious times, we promise to recycle 100% of the tree as bio-fuel for an entirely eco-friendly service. 

Artemis Tree Services Sign

With over 20 years’ industry experience, our fully-accredited and qualified team of professionals here at Artemis can handle all your tree needs. Combining this wealth of experience with a passion for the craft, there’s no-one better suited to help than Artemis. For more information, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.


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