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How to Restore Your Tree After a Storm

Storms can cause serious damage to your trees. They can break branches and larger stems or even uproot the tree over entirely. In these more serious cases, it’s vital you call an expert arborist to assess and tend to the tree. In most cases where the crown has been damaged, restoration should be possible. However, if the damage is too severe or if the tree becomes a hazard, it may need to be removed.

In this article, find out how experts can restore your trees after a storm.


The first stage of any restoration process is to assess the damage. Has the tree suffered minor damage or major damage? Trained arborists will be able to identify the extent of the damage and establish the most effective restoration methods.

What is minor damage?

Minor damage is typically classified as damage to small branches. This can usually be resolved with simple pruning, followed by clearing up all the debris.

What is major damage?

Major damage relates to damage of larger branches or stems that may support large sections of the tree’s crown. The trunk could also be split or partially uprooted.

Major damage will require more advanced pruning works. In some cases, it may not be possible to save the tree at all. The tree can usually be saved if:

  • There are still a large proportion of leaf bearing branches remaining within the crown
  • Large branches are intact; only small branches are broken
  • The major limbs are intact OR damage has occurred to major limbs but they do not present a hazard.
  • The tree is still upright OR the tree is leaning or fallen over but it is a small tree and can be straightened and safely retained.

The assessment will also include, determining the extent of remedial work required to make the tree safe, planning which branches should be removed and where the branch removal or shortening cuts should be made.


Trained arborists can offer a variety of restoration techniques to bring your tree back to good health. These techniques will depend on the extent of the damage, the type of tree and whether the tree is hazardous. These techniques include:

  • Pruning
    Pruning the tree is a great restoration option if your tree has suffered from damaged or broken branches. Pruning the tree following a storm will involve removing any broken branches and shortening branches that may be vulnerable to future storms. All the debris created during the pruning will be removed by the specialists.
  • Uproot trees
    If the tree is small, it may be possible to straighten and secure it using tree stakes or guy cables. This will place the tree back into its original position. If the tree is too large, it can be removed from your property. This can also include the removal of any stumps and roots that remain.

Once the tree work is complete, all the debris will be removed, leaving you with a safe tree
and clean surroundings.


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