Tree Surveys in Rickmansworth, Watford & the wider London area

For professional tree surveys throughout Rickmansworth, Watford and the wider London areas, Artemis Tree Services can offer the expertise required for both businesses and residential clients wishing to assess their trees.

Anyone who owns or manages land containing trees has a legal duty to ensure that they are in a safe condition so that foreseeable damage does not occur to people or property. If you have trees located close to the perimeter of your property, a tree report is often required for building insurance purposes.

Likewise, mortgage lenders may request a tree report or survey prior to approving your mortgage application.

As an award-winning arboriculture company, Artemis Tree Services carry out industry authorised tree surveys which detail tree species (including scientific name), measurements of trees, overall health of trees, make management recommendations and number trees with plastic tags if required.


We offer the following types of surveys & reports:

  • Walk-Over Tree Survey

This is the most cost-effective type of tree survey. All trees will be visually inspected but only details of those trees which are potentially hazardous or that need remedial work are recorded within the tree report. Clients with a large number of trees and a limited budget tend to favour this type of tree survey.

  • Full Tree Survey

This is the next, more detailed level of tree survey with details of every tree on site recorded within the tree report. Each tree is recorded on a tree survey schedule and plotted on a tree location plan. This type of tree survey suits clients who wish to have a full inventory of trees within their care.

  • Climbed Tree Survey

Occasionally, the extent of defects in a tree cannot be determined from ground level. In this case, the tree surveyor may recommend that a climbed tree survey is undertaken. Following the aerial inspection, a report detailing findings with photos and recommendations is produced.

  • BS5837 Tree Survey

British Standard for trees in relation to construction updated in 2012. This survey is for anyone planning or considering altering property/land containing or close to trees.

  • Mortgage Tree report

Sometimes referred to as an Arboricultural Report or Homebuyers Tree Report, this type of report can be requested by mortgage lenders or insurers when purchasing a property. The report will assess the risk of indirect damage (subsidence) and direct damage to your property and third party properties from nearby trees. The report identifies current and future tree management requirements and enables homebuyers to make informed decisions relating to the property purchase and management of existing trees.

  • Tree Decay Detection

Decay detection is sometimes necessary where suspected decay or hollowing cannot be sufficiently assessed by visual means. Data provided by specialist decay detection equipment enables a more accurate assessment internal decay and the likelihood of tree failure.

For decay detection, Artemis use the latest Resistograph Microdrill (IML Resi-PD400), which accurately measures the drilling and feed resistance along a needle when inserted at a constant rate into a tree. This enables small changes of internal wood structure to be detected. The data is recorded digitally, and findings illustrated with a coloured graph in the report. The Resi-PD400 is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used on the ground to assess the trunk and large structural roots, or higher up in the tree as part of an aerial/climbed inspection.


So whether you’re a homeowner wishing to learn more about the trees in your garden, or you’re an estate manager needing an in-depth survey of the surrounding trees on the premises, we are here to help.

Contact our expert team at Artemis Tree Services today, your approved contractor for local authorities.