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Tree Surveys: An In-Depth Look

A tree survey is carried out by a trained arborist and provides a detailed report about the condition of trees in a property. Within the report, the expert indicates the scientific name, as well as whether a tree should be removed or not – if it is deemed that a tree should be removed, the reasons are stated. In some places within the UK, a tree survey is mandatory, while, in others, landowners ask for them whenever they want to make informed decisions on which trees to keep and which to remove.

Tree Reports from Artemis Tree Services

Benefits of a Tree Survey:

Detection of Decay

Experts have the necessary tools to differentiate between a good tree and one that has decayed and needs removing.

Offers Vital Information

A tree survey offers property owners important information regarding their trees. This information includes:

  • the age of the tree
  • tree species
  • measurements of trees
  • how long the tree will live
  • its height and width
  • the overall health of the tree
  • management practices to improve the condition of the tree

Protect Endangered Species of Trees

The Wildlife and Countryside Act often recommends that property owners acquire a tree survey before deciding on cutting down a tree. This move aims to protect certain species of trees that are at risk of becoming extinct.

Legal Duty for Landowners

Landowners have a legal duty to take care of trees and ensure they are in a safe condition; the law protects certain types of trees from felling. Property owners should ensure that all trees on their land are healthy and well taken care of. For instance, if a tree falls and damages your neighbour’s property, then the law holds you liable for all damages. The same thing applies if a tree or its branch falls on anyone within your land.

It is expected that trees should be properly maintained to protect them from diseases and decay. However, if by chance a tree is unhealthy, it should be removed from the land. You may be wondering how you will know whether a tree is potentially dangerous to you or even others. Well, that is where an experienced arborist comes in; an expert will help you diagnose trees that require elimination and those that should remain.

treees overhanging near a property

BS5837 Tree Survey

All arborists are guided by the BS5837 standard. The BS5837 survey is necessary for any property owner who wants to carry out any alteration within their property that contains trees. Some of the alterations that require you to receive a survey are: the construction of new buildings, renovations, or even demolitions. Ideally, the survey is only necessary if the trees are within a distance that can influence your building decision. According to the law, the trees should be approximately 15 metres away from where you want to develop.

Why Are Tree Surveys so Important?

Tree surveys are important because they allow property owners to make informed decisions before cutting down trees. The surveys also inform on the health of the trees and proper management guide is offered. A BS5837 survey is also crucial before any property owner can develop their land and especially if it contains trees. The landowners are also mandated by law to ensure that trees in their land are healthy and safe.

Tall Tree Maintenance

Artemis Tree Services

If you require a tree report, BS5837 survey, walk-over survey or climbed survey, don’t hesitate to give the experts at Artemis Tree Services a call. Operating throughout Rickmansworth, Watford and the wider London area, our trained and experienced arborists carry out industry authorised tree surveys for both businesses and residential clients.


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