Tree Felling in Rickmansworth, Watford & the wider London area

Artemis Tree Services offer assistance and advice with tree felling and tree removal throughout the London area, including Rickmansworth and Watford.

We are proud to be an approved contractor for local authorities and an award-winning arboriculture company at the Horticulture Week Business Awards 2019.

In the interest of conservation, for example if a tree is diseased, it is important it is completely removed to ensure that the disease doesn’t spread and contaminate surrounding trees.

Similarly, if a tree is considered unsafe, perhaps because of its weak condition, it will also need to be felled.

The skilled arborists at Artemis will dismantle the tree in the most safe and appropriate way, and after the tree has been felled, the area will be cleared of any tree remains or debris.

As an environmentally aware company, Artemis recycle 100% of the tree as bio-fuel.

Our team are always happy to help, contact us if you need any of our services.