Tree Cutting, Pruning & Lopping in Rickmansworth, Watford & the wider London area

With over 20 years of industry experience and as an award-winning arboriculture company, Artemis Tree Services are more than qualified to assist with tree cutting, pruning and lopping requirements throughout Rickmansworth, Watford and the wider London area.

We offer Tree Pruning and Tree Lopping to help control the growth and shape of trees.


Tree Pruning is an approved method of controlling growth and removing diseased or dead wood. It is also often used to stimulate the new growth of fruit and flower buds in fruit trees, to enhance their productivity.

For many species of tree, pruning should be carried out in the winter, whilst the tree is dormant, but it can also be done in the summer months, which is often required for cherry species to avoid Silver Leaf Fungus infection.


Tree Lopping is the ideal method for modifying the shape of a tree, as branches can be cut and trained to grow in a certain direction.

It’s also common for removing damaged sections of trees that no longer grow, and sometimes can even encourage new branches to grow in its place.

If you need any Tree Lopping, or Tree Pruning services, contact our expert team today for more information.