Creating The Perfect Habitat For Wildlife

Your garden is a little slice of nature — so why not share it with wildlife? A few simple additions to your garden can attract creatures big and small.  Create a nesting area for birds, a water feature for frogs or a breeding site for butterflies. No matter the size of your outdoor space, you […]

The Ultimate Tree Guide for First Time Homebuyers

Your garden is your own little slice of nature, and how you cultivate it is entirely down to you. Sounds liberating — but there are over a hundred common tree species in the UK, and they’re not all suitable for every garden. If you’re dreaming of a jungle paradise, follow our guide to find out […]

How Seasons Change A Tree’s Behaviour

How Winter Affects Trees Environmental factors in winter that affect trees include: Storms – branches can be broken in storms, creating wounds and entry points for pathogens.  Snow and ice – weigh down branches, causing them to break Dry air – makes it difficult for trees to retain water To protect themselves from the harsh […]

Tree Diseases Explained

Just like every living thing on this planet, trees are also, unfortunately, susceptible to disease. A tree that lacks either light, water, nutrients or carbon dioxide will struggle to stay healthy and thus be under stress, making it weak and open to contracting diseases. Environmental factors can play a big part in a tree’s health, […]

Emergency Tree Work – Who Are You Going to Call?

Artemis staff have been helping out homeschooling their kids, especially in cases where our arborists have partners who are key workers. This short film was made by one set of siblings to reinforce the message that Artemis is still here to help you with all your tree emergencies. We are operating a reduced work force […]

Our Very Own Crown Reduction Fundraiser in Support of the NHS!

Our Commercial Director, Aaron Walsh, has helped raise over £1000 for NHS frontline staff by shaving off his hair. Whilst practicing social distancing and staying at home, Aaron wanted to do his bit to support the amazing NHS workers, so decided to have a crown reduction of his own!  Artemis staff provided their support by sponsoring […]

What Does a Tree Inspection Involve?

While it may seem like an unusual comparison, the importance of having your tree inspected can be likened to taking your pet to a vet when you suspect they are ill – you would only arrange for them to visit a fully qualified professional who knows the signs and symptoms to look out for, and […]

Artemis Shortlisted for Arb Contractor of the Year Award

Artemis Tree Services is excited to have made the shortlist for this year’s Pro Landscaper Business Awards in the Arb Contractor of the year category (£1million plus turnover). The awards highlight excellence within the industry and as part of our application we had to demonstrate our commitment to the industry, good staff retention & morale, […]

Can I Recycle My Real Christmas Tree?

The gifts have been exchanged, the turkey consumed and the movie marathon is over. While you might not want to accept the end of Christmas quite yet, it’s time to start thinking about taking the decorations down and disposing of the waste. In these climate conscious times, more and more homeowners are putting more of […]

Celebrating National Tree Week With Our 250-Tree Giveaway!

To celebrate National Tree Week 2019, we are donating at least 250 trees completely free of charge to the lucky winners of our Facebook competition!  As ‘Arboriculture Contractor of the Year’ winners, we are committed to making a positive difference to the environment and we’re encouraging others to get involved at the click of a […]