What Does a Tree Inspection Involve?

While it may seem like an unusual comparison, the importance of having your tree inspected can be likened to taking your pet to a vet when you suspect they are ill – you would only arrange for them to visit a fully qualified professional who knows the signs and symptoms to look out for, and […]

How to Remove a Tree Stump [Infographic]

Over time, neglected tree stumps can become discoloured and start to rot, turning a flourishing garden into an unusable space. Hiring the expertise of a professional arborist promises to make light work of an otherwise laborious task, ensuring safe and efficient tree stump removal. Read on to discover the main reasons why property owners choose […]

What Are the Processes for Tree Crown Reductions, Thinning & Lifting?

When it comes to different tree trimming and surgery services, it can be tricky for property owners to choose the correct technique for their application without being fully informed of what it entails. With the various terminology and services involved, it’s important to seek help from a professional who knows exactly how the work is […]