A Guide to Real Christmas Trees

Christmas trees have been a symbol of the holidays for over five centuries. These days, around 8 million real Christmas trees are sold in the UK annually, and an increasing amount of species are being used to decorate living rooms every year. Want to know more about Christmas trees? Who better to ask than the […]

How Seasons Change A Tree’s Behaviour

How Winter Affects Trees Environmental factors in winter that affect trees include: Storms – branches can be broken in storms, creating wounds and entry points for pathogens.  Snow and ice – weigh down branches, causing them to break Dry air – makes it difficult for trees to retain water To protect themselves from the harsh […]

Can I Recycle My Real Christmas Tree?

The gifts have been exchanged, the turkey consumed and the movie marathon is over. While you might not want to accept the end of Christmas quite yet, it’s time to start thinking about taking the decorations down and disposing of the waste. In these climate conscious times, more and more homeowners are putting more of […]