Creating The Perfect Habitat For Wildlife

Your garden is a little slice of nature — so why not share it with wildlife? A few simple additions to your garden can attract creatures big and small.  Create a nesting area for birds, a water feature for frogs or a breeding site for butterflies. No matter the size of your outdoor space, you […]

The Ultimate Tree Guide for First Time Homebuyers

Your garden is your own little slice of nature, and how you cultivate it is entirely down to you. Sounds liberating — but there are over a hundred common tree species in the UK, and they’re not all suitable for every garden. If you’re dreaming of a jungle paradise, follow our guide to find out […]

Our Top 10 Spring Tree Care Tips

As the weather begins to brighten and the trees start to blossom, it’s safe to say that we are finally in the midst of spring! As such, there’s no better time than now to get outside and prepare your garden for the spring/summer seasons so it can flourish, thrive and achieve its full potential. Here, […]