Tree Growth for Wildlife

Unfortunately, in the UK, species such as bats, butterflies, moths, hedgehogs, hares and sparrows are declining at an alarming rate. In fact, it has been reported that 15% of wildlife species in Great Britain – which equates to almost 1,200 – are under threat of extinction due to changes in the climate.  With that in […]

What are Tree Preservation Orders?

With Britain now a sprawling mass of high streets and suburban communities, the precious greenery that the UK has become famous for is constantly under threat. Population is always on the rise, more houses need to be built, and it’s our grassland and trees that tend to suffer. There are, however, initiatives that have been […]

What are the laws surrounding trees on my property?

treees overhanging near a property

  Trees and the Law When you’re looking to plant, fell, or prune trees on your property, there is often legislation determining what you may or may not do. This could leave you wondering, “what are the laws surrounding trees on my property?” Many neighbourly disputes are regarding the wrongful felling or pruning of trees, […]