Creating The Perfect Habitat For Wildlife

Your garden is a little slice of nature — so why not share it with wildlife? A few simple additions to your garden can attract creatures big and small.  Create a nesting area for birds, a water feature for frogs or a breeding site for butterflies. No matter the size of your outdoor space, you […]

The Ultimate Tree Guide for First Time Homebuyers

Your garden is your own little slice of nature, and how you cultivate it is entirely down to you. Sounds liberating — but there are over a hundred common tree species in the UK, and they’re not all suitable for every garden. If you’re dreaming of a jungle paradise, follow our guide to find out […]

Tree Diseases Explained

Just like every living thing on this planet, trees are also, unfortunately, susceptible to disease. A tree that lacks either light, water, nutrients or carbon dioxide will struggle to stay healthy and thus be under stress, making it weak and open to contracting diseases. Environmental factors can play a big part in a tree’s health, […]

What Does a Tree Inspection Involve?

While it may seem like an unusual comparison, the importance of having your tree inspected can be likened to taking your pet to a vet when you suspect they are ill – you would only arrange for them to visit a fully qualified professional who knows the signs and symptoms to look out for, and […]

Tree Growth for Wildlife

Unfortunately, in the UK, species such as bats, butterflies, moths, hedgehogs, hares and sparrows are declining at an alarming rate. In fact, it has been reported that 15% of wildlife species in Great Britain – which equates to almost 1,200 – are under threat of extinction due to changes in the climate.  With that in […]

A Family Tree of Key Terms

Trees play an integral role in the ecosystem, improving air quality and supporting wildlife. As such, having a good understanding and knowledge of tree works is imperative so they are properly cared for and to ensure their sustainability. There are many different categories of tree works and tree-related terms – featured below is a glossary […]

Can Tree Roots Affect My Home Insurance?

Many homeowners often overlook the impact trees surrounding their property can have on their home insurance, with tree root damage being particularly problematic. Whether you are searching for new home insurance cover or have been left wondering whether your tree roots affect your existing policy, this article outlines the main things to consider. Can Tree […]

Neighbour Disputes: The Legalities Surrounding Trees

When changing the appearance of a property, homeowners may choose to extend or alter the structure of the house itself, work which will require planning permission to avoid breaking any laws. However, when it comes to the garden area, many homeowners are unaware of the legalities involved with cutting down any trees or hedges, causing […]

What Are the Processes for Tree Crown Reductions, Thinning & Lifting?

When it comes to different tree trimming and surgery services, it can be tricky for property owners to choose the correct technique for their application without being fully informed of what it entails. With the various terminology and services involved, it’s important to seek help from a professional who knows exactly how the work is […]

Why Do Trees Sometimes Need to Be Felled?

For local authorities needing to remove a tree from a public space or for homes suffering from structural damage, tree felling may be the most suitable remedial action. Essentially, tree felling is the action of cutting down a tree to prevent the spread of disease and improve safety in the area. If not carried out […]