A Guide to Real Christmas Trees

Christmas trees have been a symbol of the holidays for over five centuries. These days, around 8 million real Christmas trees are sold in the UK annually, and an increasing amount of species are being used to decorate living rooms every year. Want to know more about Christmas trees? Who better to ask than the […]

How Seasons Change A Tree’s Behaviour

How Winter Affects Trees Environmental factors in winter that affect trees include: Storms – branches can be broken in storms, creating wounds and entry points for pathogens.  Snow and ice – weigh down branches, causing them to break Dry air – makes it difficult for trees to retain water To protect themselves from the harsh […]

Take Part in National Tree Week 2018!

As the UK’s largest tree festivity, National Tree Week 2018 will be taking place from 24th November – 2nd December to launch the start of the winter tree planting season. With events, fun days out and volunteering opportunities taking place up and down the country, we encourage you to help preserve the future of our […]

Why Is It Important To Prune Fruit Trees?

The winter season is the prime time to prune fruit trees typically grown in an orchard – such as apple and pear trees – as they are dormant. Careful removal of the dormant buds will revitalise the remaining ones and spark new growth. Ideally, pruning needs to be carried out every 2-3 years for the […]

Our Top 10 Spring Tree Care Tips

As the weather begins to brighten and the trees start to blossom, it’s safe to say that we are finally in the midst of spring! As such, there’s no better time than now to get outside and prepare your garden for the spring/summer seasons so it can flourish, thrive and achieve its full potential. Here, […]